The secret Enneagram from Gurdjieff and its own link to Universal Vortex Mathematics

Publicado el 1 October 2022
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The secret Enneagram from Gurdjieff and its own link to Universal Vortex Mathematics

Into the geometry, an enthusiastic enneagram is actually a good nine-pointed plane figure.

is just about the symbol away from Gurdjieff, similar to the God while the cross however Gurdjieff generated zero mention of they in the trilogy:”The and What you” (“Beelzebub’s Reports so you’re able to His Grandson”, “Conferences with Outstanding Boys”, additionally the cover of the Third Collection)!

The new Enneagram comes in the first place off P. D. Ouspensky’s “Looking this new Miraculous”, Part fourteen where Gurdjieff gave a good lecture indicating so it icon. This is up until the beginning of the Institute to your Good Growth of Boy from inside the Fontainebleau as well as the composing out-of Beelzebub’s Reports. Subsequently it has been expanded through to from the many people as a tool regarding religious advancement. An enormous business has changed on study of their intersecting lines, especially in the new mapping away from nine character brands (arbitrarily chosen) as well as their affairs. Many are extremely steeped providing presentations, attracting diagrams, and becoming practitioners throughout these knowledge having feel associated for the enneagram, known as Enneagram_of_Personality of the Wikipedia, that was brought up of Gurdjieff from the Oscar Ichazo and you can Helen Palmer. The newest Last Method Enneagram in Wikipedia takes on 2nd fiddle in order to they now. It will be the Ouspensky and John Grams. Bennett followers whom utilize this term, nonetheless it are truthfully known as Gurdjieff Enneagram. The latest thus-titled ‘scientific’ degree of your own “Fourth Means Enneagram” that try to anticipate occurrences by using the half dozen vectors out of this new continual es regarding chance.

Astrology already has actually 12 products, but they are of substance, while these 9 types about Enneagram_of_Character attempt to map this new character. New character is simply the latest artificial build we do to shield all of our substance regarding business. Ultimately, this research away from characters is a waste of time in the building regarding a soul, that’s created through to substance. You’ll be able that studies could be helpful in this new manipulation out of others who lack an idea which they enjoys an essence, but certainly serves no purpose so you can an individual’s religious progress.

The secret Enneagram away from Gurdjieff and its link to Common Vortex Math

Once i check this out excerpt, We said to myself, which should be an error and it might be “Sevenfoldness” like in the “Law from Heptaparaparshinokh”, particularly in the new perspective of the eight cards from the octave. When it was meant to be the one and only source towards the nine affairs of one’s Enneagram, it is unusual, because unique figure really consists of seven traces one truly connect with the continual quantitative as being the office by the seven. The other a few issues come from the interior triangle which is have a tendency to omitted.

It is apt to be that the mentioned ‘Law out-of Ninefoldness’ relates in order to one thing harder compared to the Enneagram and you can was not known because of the Gurdjieff in the course of their writing. It “Legislation of Ninefoldness” probably refers to the has just found (otherwise should We state recalled) Vortex Math which is shown in this lecture. When you look at the Vortex Mathematics the amount nine keeps yet another relationship, such as, one of several features regarding nine is that in case it is placed into a variety, it provides one to same base count:

It is important to observe that the entire process of “reduction”, while the utilized through the that it demonstration, should be to incorporate all digits more than 9 together to show their essence as step 1-nine. This is a common habit during the Numerology.

The amount is additionally printed in the fresh cosmos: diameter of one’s planet: 7920 kilometers (7+9+2+0 = 18 = 9), sq ft = 144 ins, cubic feet 1728 ins, rectangular grass=1296 inches, (proliferate from the ten try 12960 and you may 12960 age (one half of the precession of your own equinoxes twenty five,920 age), system 360 stages, square 90 degrees x cuatro = 360 grade, equilateral triangle 60 level x step three =180 grade, pentagon= 108 x 5= 540 amounts (silver nuclear lbs 108), pyramid truncation cuatro x 180 levels = 720 level, cube 6 x 360 = 2160 levels



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