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Publicado el 22 September 2018
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Hello! Hello! Hey you! Have you ever heard or read about translation services? You have for sure used at some point Google translate, but no! We are talking about human translation services, that are cheap and quick to hire and to receive, and that are much more accurate than digital ones.

Take two minutes to read this article and you might want to stay to read the rest of it, for learning a bit about the works made by translation enterprises  can represent a before-after point in your life or your business!

TranslationTranslation works review for your knowledge

First of all you need to know is that the works made by translation enterprises are not as simple to explain as you might think, translation agencies can make an amazingly wide range of different works depending of your personal request or the needs of your business.

In this article, you will learn the basics about what do these agencies do and what for. It would be a fantastic idea for you to be aware of this, for it might be the key for you one day.

General works made by translation agencies

Let us start by the simplest way. A translation agencies works making use of the art, the feeling, the human possibility of feeling the true meaning of the words, the expressions and sentences. This way, a human is totally able to translate in ways that are impossible to machines.

Starting by a simple request made by you, from your home, you can upload and send any written doc, odt or pdf file you have in your computer and request it to be translated, the price will be determined by the quantity of words and the time you give them to have it done.

So if you have and want a letter to be translated, a song or even a poem, you can have it translated by them, and then, you can specify exactly how you want it to be done, you can ask them to get its intonation, metrics, rhymes, quantity of words, formal or informal forms, and there.

A bit more expensive translations

Let us put a specific example, going one level up. What happen if your ascendants spoke in a language you do not manage with anymore? Maybe you found a book, a diary or a genealogic registry of your family and it is done in that language!

It is no problem, for you can scan it and send all pages to a translation agency, you can ask them to just transcript into digital just like it is there, and just have it there if you want, but you can also ask it to be completely translated and presented to you, they will be contacting you for any doubt just to have it the best for you.

Translation of marketing elements

If you are trying to boost a little business or an indie company, you will for sure need to make use of advertisements and marketing strategies for letting the world know about you, and if you decide to translate graphic design element for taking it across the cultures.

First of all it would be necessary to get translated your online marketing materials, look for a specific translation agency that counts with graphic designers for not only translating your advertisements, but having them exactly like they were before, nice looking but translated.

And then, you can ask a printer to take to reality all the digital marketing advertisements translated as a work made by translation enterprises and start putting your brand on the spotlights!



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