Arylex Active herbicide from Dow AgroSciences approved by the UK

Publicado el 17 December 2016
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After the EU’s approval of the new Arylex Active substance during the month of July 2015, Dow AgroSciences obtained a great acceptance in Europe, with the first commercial permission in Denmark on a mixture between Arylex Active and fluroxypyr. The active substance is the first new one to be approved for herbicide use since the EU implemented its new, stricter regulations several years ago.


With this announcement, the herbicide ingredient Arylex can be sold under the brand name Pixxaro EC for control of many of the broadleaf weeds that plague cereal growers in Europe. This license gave Danish agriculturists the chance to begin taking advantage of the crop protection benefits found in Arylex Active starting in 2016. Beyond product approval of this specific formulation containing Arylex Active, the substance has been given prior approval across the whole EU & MEAF zones for commercial use in the coming months.

Global Arylex Active Regulation Manager, Stefano Turatti, expressed that he was pleased with the news of the EU’s decision to recognize the cutting edge science behind this product, and to take this innovative solution to market as quickly as possible.

About Arylex Active herbicide

Francois Lucas, Global Project Manager for Arylex, declares that Arylex was the first member of the new herbicide class called the arylpicolinates, classified in HRAC’s O category. Although it is technically classified as a synthetic auxin type herbicide, its unique mechanism of action and chemical structure has earned it its own new subclass.

Arylex Active is a selective herbicide that is effective against many of the most important species of broadleaf weeds and is primarily formulated for cereal growers at the present moment. However, it’s likely that new formulations will be developed for other types of crops over the next few years so that more of the industry can take advantage of the many benefits of this substance.

For example, Arylex is efficient at low concentrations in all types of climate conditions, including low temperatures and wet conditions, and represents a new standard of effectiveness compared with other herbicides in Category O. It is a great instrument to aid in the prevention herbicide resistance and has been shown to be effective at killing some of the major resistant weed species that currently exist.

How was Arylex approved by the EU?

Before an active substance in a plant protection product, such as an herbicide, can be approved by the European Commission, it must be demonstrated to be safe for humans, animals and the environment. Ever since the new regulations went into effect in 2009, the approval procedure for a product like Arylex will take approximately 3 years. The new regulations are so strict that, in 6 years’ time, Arylex Active was the only active substance to be approved for use in agriculture in the EU. All co-formulants (inactive ingredients) must also be approved.

Before an herbicide can even be considered a candidate approval, it must be shown that it offers a clear benefit for crop production that cannot be achieved by another product that is currently in use. When being considered for safety, testing must pay special attention to the substances potential effects on vulnerable populations, such as children and pregnant women. As part of the new regulations, the EU is actively trying to substitute newer, safer plant protection products for existing ones that might require greater risk mitigation.

During 2015, many agriculturists have already received Arylex in countries like Argentina, Australia, China and Canada. This is an excellent announcement for Dow AgroSciences as they set the foundations to sell products to enrich the R&D pipeline and the agricultural industry in the European Community.



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