New challenge for Interactive Agencies, App Store Optimization: ASO Techniques

Publicado el 31 July 2012
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For any meaningful up-to-date conversation about online marketing, we cannot fail to state SEO. We could say that from 2005-2006 until now, Mobile marketing has experienced a sharp boost in the professionals of this sector. Incidentally, with the increase of mobile apps, we are now witnesses to the outburst of the term ASO (App Store Optimization), a system aimed entirely at positioning our app within the different stores to make it stand out over the rivals.

There is still not much literature on the subject (especially if we look for information in Spanish), and the tools designed for its management are made almost exclusively for the American market, but we can easily predict that this discipline will soon become one more branch within any interactive agency.

Each store has a different logic, some are even still ordered alphabetically. However, below I give you the main advice for the two big stores that triumph in the present market: Apple Store (Iphone) and Play Store (Android):

. The title is the most significant factor. It is advisable to add the main key word after the name we chose for our app. Here is an example: If we look up “general culture” in the Play Store, the third result that comes up is “Trivial. General Culture”. If we had only put “Trivial”, it would have been a bad optimization. This way, however, it shows up very well positioned for the keyword “General Culture”.

. The description is also a noteworthy point in app positioning. should create an attractive description for the users, but incorporate our main key words as well. We must know how the users would hunt for our application: ask your friends, use a keyword searching tool, write a list of how you would search for your application and study the competition. With this in mind, decide upon your keywords logically, and repeat them in your description. Including the word “free” might be a great tactic if you think your app will be looked for in this way.

. Use a key word list separated by comas, using those words that are strongly related to your app and which will assist its positioning. Keep away from using generic words like “app” and focus on those you believe will result in downloads.

. The number of reviews and ratings you have will also be an significant asset for better positioning. Invite people to leave comments and of course, the more positive the better.

. Also, the number of downloads exerts a positive influence in your app’s ranking.

. A great deal is being talked about the importance of the application agency. If we achieve a good reputation by providing attractive and highly rated apps, the stores will give us a certain advantage over other mobile apps.

. Something obvious but important nonetheless is to make sure we include our app in the right category.

. Make sure you choose high quality images. Include interesting screenshots and an appealing logo. If possible, include keywords inside the images’ title.

The main obstacle for app developers to overcome is to get people to know about them. That is why it is critical to create a launch strategy with specific actions such as: creating a web for our apps that redirects to the store, sending press clips to specialised websites, listing them in app directories, giving them visibility in social networks and in app-specific advertising networks, creating promotional videos including the link for downloading in the description and giving it visibility, etc. Contacting an interactive agency will help you apply the most effective strategies for your app.

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