Feet care in the summer

Publicado el 14 June 2012
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As you have seen from previous articles, it’s important to look after your feet during the summer to avoid any future problems and get our children to grow up with healthy feet and strong. However, during the summer, problems can degenerate and one should always pay special attention to this part of the body without thinking that is the body part that suffers most, as it supports our entire weight.

During the summer, children spend a lot of time at the swimming pool and in public changing rooms, both spaces prone to fungal growth. It’s vital to persuade children to always wear their flip flops in public showers making it clear that should never walk barefoot in locker rooms and, besides, to wear them to the edge of the swimming pool to avoid such infections.

If we feel any type of discomfort we, inmediately, should go see a specialist straight away to analyse the problem and treat it in time before it becomes worse. In addition we should remind children that towels and flip flops shouldn’t be exchanged with others. Each should use their own to thus avoid infections that result from the spread of fungi.

The summer also brings around trips to the beach where the little ones can run and crawl around in the sand without worrying about properly cleaned after. It’s important to make the most of these visits and support the little ones to take walks along the beach, to stimulate the circulation in their legs and feet and even better, if we encourage them to run around playing with them. In this way we and they would benefit from this while having fun. Once we leave the beach we must use the fountains and showers out of the beaches provided to wash our feet carefully, removing any sand that can cause us injuries when in contact with our shoes.

At home we shouldn’t forget the basic care of our child’s feet either, we must take into account both summer and winter. We should pay particular attention to any dryness, especially in-between toes, at this time of year. Hydrating moisturizes should be applied to prevent future hardness. We should also bear in mind that walking barefoot helps with the formation of the foot, so it is very typical scold our children to go without shoes and in fact we are prohibiting something that benefits them.

An noticeable change the summer brings is the change in footwear. We go from boots to light shoes or ballerinas to sandals. This change can sometimes cause blisters where the shoe, we are not used to, directly rubs on the bare foot may take a few days to get used. To avoid this from happening we should always try and soften the shoe first especially if they are new shoes.

If using shoes from a year ago, it is recommendable to put on a layer of cream inside so that the sides of the shoes soften to not produce any sores.

With the summer also comes sweat and even more in the feet of little ones, whom, despite of the hot weather, still run around energetically. For this reason, the footwear we choose for the summer should allow the foot to transpire and does not always choose the cheapest option is the best. In most people, suffer or excessive sweating, the wearing of feet into the air and high temperature, lead to increased dryness of the skin at this time of year. This is manifested particularly in the area of the heels, the edges appear whitish due to lack of hydration and accumulation of hyperkeratosis (hardness of the skin).

In spite of all this guidance, if the shoes still rub the foot of your child, you should wash the sore with soap and water, look after it with antiseptic cream and put a plaster on the sore until it heals.
By following this advice, you will be able to enjoy the summer and your little ones avoiding the problems mentioned with the arrival of the summer that may come to spoil our holiday.

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