Feet advice – are you looking after your little ones feet?

Publicado el 8 May 2012
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Caring for our feet never normally comes as a priority, but we easily overlook that these take the strain of our weight all day and in in reality require the same consideration as any other part of our body.

It’s important to teach our little ones from a young age the importance of looking after our feet to thwart future problems in adulthood.

We have the following recommendation:

• First of all, cutting your nails plays a very important role in looking after your feet. They should always be cut straight and you should always ensure that they are not cut too short.
• After a bath, we should always dry the skin in-between our toes well, making sure no damp drops remain which can cause warts and infections.
• Sometimes, kids force their shoes off without untying their shoe laces. We should always teach them to use the laces appropriately to prevent any straining of the foot.
• We should always buy adequate footwear. We shouldn’t only focus on the aesthetics of the footwear but be sure that it satisfies all of our needs. Footwear should always be comfortable and allow for certain movement and flexibility to avoid any deformation or injury to the foot. When we buy shoes, from a physical store or if we prefer to by children’s shoes online we should always be sure that we choose quality footwear.
• In addition, the shoe tip should not be fit too closely around the toes, as this may damage the growth of the toes.
• It is also recommended to walk barefoot through natural zones, such as grass or sand, whenever possible to stimulate the circulation in the feet.
• We should always ensure that we don’t buy our children socks or pajamas that are too tight or small. We should check to ensure that no marks are left when we take off their socks or pajamas or any other clothing that fits around their legs.
• Prevent any bad habits from setting in such as bad postures when our children stand or walk.
• We should pay special attention if we note that our children often break or wear shoes out always on the same side of the sole as this may be a signal of improper posture when they tread.
• A common error is to leave small infections to heal by themselves without the slightest importance. We should always pay attention to any small infection which can affect how we walk and our posture during the infection.
• Lastly, we shouldn’t overlook to keep our children’s feet hydrated. When we put moisturizer on, we often forget that part of the body out of habit. We should avoid this habit occurring in our children. As dehydrated feet can cause dryness and cracks which can be very painful.

Following this advice, can ensure our children have healthy feet so that when they reach adulthood, they´ll do so with strong strides.

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